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EARWAX 始於 2011年初的 Deerhunter 台北演唱會。從樂迷出發的我們,身份轉換之後,更加殷切期盼一場用心籌備的演出,可以讓人永遠記得那個片刻,更加深刻永生難忘的時光。莫說改變人生,而是讓人生的美好確實一點一滴的增加。而無論是以樂迷或是主辦者的姿態參與任何演唱會或音樂祭,我們都深深感覺未來還有很遠很長的路要走,不只是單純的音樂活動,也希望有效的降低對生態的破壞、盡綿薄之力讓環境更健康。

nice work-ing 和 EARWAX,就像是總公司和廠牌名稱的關係,但依舊是同樣的人馬經營。至於為什麼要分成兩個名稱,只是單純負責人篤信算命,算命的先生說《耳蠟有限公司》和她的姓名筆畫不合。反覆思索之後,希望把要傳達的理念簡單明瞭地說出來,為了讓那條長遠的路走起來每天都是雀躍、迫不及待、充滿樂趣,《nice work-ing 好工作有限公司》作為註冊名稱的想法拍板定案,時時刻刻提醒自己「好好做這份好工作」。

不排除任何可能性,為自己所愛盡心盡力,nice work-ing x EARWAX。

We love watching live performances, to a point that it overwhelms and eventually becomes our profession of life.

EARWAX established with the Deerhunter Taipei Concert in the beginning of 2010. Starting with being just pure music fans, after switching our status, we become eagerer and expecting to prepare better performances one after another. We strive to have the audiences to forever remember the moments; moreover, to reinforce an unforgettable lifetime experience. It's not to change one's life, but rather to enrich the sense of happiness bits by bits.

Whether being in the perspective of music fans or host in attending any concert or music festival, we deeply come into realization that there is still a long long way ahead of us to go, in terms of not only focusing on the music events, but also to promote an awareness of protecting the eco-system, and making a healthier and better living environment.

Nice work-ing and EARWAX are like in the relationship of the headquarter versus its own label, running side-by-side under the same management team. As regards of the reason why dividing into two separated titles, it is simply due to director's personal belief on the fortune telling. Based on the result of the fortune-teller, it is said that the strokes of her Chinese name do not match well with "EARWAX." After thoughtful pondering and reasonable consideration, we figured that as long as simply conveying our philosophy clear and straightforward, it is to lead our future path with joy and excitement every single day. "nice work-ing Co., LTD." as the final conclusion of the registration of the company's title, we are here to remind ourselves along the way that "we shall nicely work this job out!"

Anything and everything is possible, love what you do and do the best as you can.
nice work-ing x EARWAX